About Us

The Beastyle brand was created by a fitness enthusiast, former Golden Gloves boxer and wildlife lover from Brooklyn who desired to create a unique apparel brand which could appeal to people with similar interests.

There's one word which evolved in to present day vernacular which could not only describe the amazing animals we share the earth with but could also describe a person who can exhibit remarkable abilities akin to theirs:


He felt that the word had powerful symbolism and wanted to capture that power along with the essence of our wild counterparts from which the term originated.

As a reference to the different styles that both man and beast possess, the brand name was spawned: "Beastyle".

Beasts come in many forms and they all have their own style. Are you massive and powerful like a bear? Or is your style and personality simply similar to a certain beast, like having the determination of a bull?

Beastyle captures this concept on to great fitting apparel. We use high quality materials which are embroidered and printed here in New York City. The influence of the city's palpable energy undoubtedly contributes to the designs and air of the brand's style.


Every person's style has a wild counterpart. What is YOUR beastyle?